Sunday, July 5, 2009

This post is addressed to an audience of imaginary readers right now, and that's fine by me. Liberating, even. Because I have another blog, one on which I'm not anonymous. One that some people actually read, and one on which I censor myself and make sure I won't embarrass or offend anyone. That's the blog my mother reads, and comments on anonymously, which seems unfair. And although it's dedicated to one of my biggest interests, I find that all of that censoring starts to get a little old. Sometimes I want to swear in cyber space like I swear in real life, even if my father reminds me that "ladies don't curse." And that's a problem. But I don't want the burden of people I know reading over my shoulder in this space. So this space is for me.

I'm a graduate student, I live in urbanmetropolis USA, sometimes I'm an angry feminist, and I think that's endearing. At least, I think it's important.

This echo of a big, empty space is refreshing. But conversation is always more interesting, and maybe one day that will happen as well. But for now, I'm happy with the room to move around.

So I'll end this introduction now and think of something worthwhile to post, for real.


Anonymous said...

A friend on Livejournal linked to your post about the DC art exhibit, and I so enjoyed reading that, and the other posts, that I made a feed over on LJ so I can read your blog on my friendslist! (I'm very interested in the difference between LJ and blogs.) I hadn't realized until I read back far enough to see just how new this blog is!

I have been an angry!feminist for some years now, and am an academic (creative writing and new media and critical theory) stuck in the wilds of rural Texas. I am not sure how much I'll be talking--blogs so much less fun than LJ for interaction--but I did want to say hello.

Andrea said...

Thanks, ithiliana, I'm very flattered. I think this blog has been stewing inside for a while in the form of long rants taken out on friends and family. This is probably a better outlet for them! I've never really used LiveJournal, but from what I gather it is far more interactive.

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